My experience with Mark Hooten's Shiva, Mini-me, Pain Killer and Chakra Stimulator

What follows are notes and observations I've made over the past year on my use of some of Mark Hooten's chi energy tools, specifically the Shiva, the Mini-me, the Pain Killer and the Chakra Stimulator. Some of these notes I've had the opportunity to share with Mark via email. Most of these, however, are seeing print for the first time. For whatever reason, my recent attempts to send Mark updates on my observations via email from several different addresses have all been unsuccessful. So I've decided to consolidate my notes and observations and put them on the web for the benefit of all those who are curious about the doohickeys that Mark creates.

I will be adding more entries to this page as I gain more insights into the outer and inner workings of Mark's creations, as well as give you a sneak peek at whatever new doohickeys Mark has up his sleeve. Mark seems like he's got pretty long sleeves, so I guess you'll be hearing a lot more from me in the near future.

Best regards,
Steven M
Manila, Philippines

07.11.2003 - My first experience with the Shiva
08.04.2003 - The Shiva Adventure continues
07.11.2003 - My first experience with the Shiva        

As soon as my Shiva arrived via FedEx a month ago, I took this to a dear friend of mine who is a traditional healer ("manggagamot" in local parlance). She immediately commented on the Shiva's energy as being very intense. It took her a while longer to see how the Shiva's energy was working with my energy, and mine alone. This is probably what Mark said about his making each Shiva to interact only with its keeper.

A few days later, I had the opportunity to use the Shiva to relieve a variety of ailments that my mother, my healer friend, and a few other friends were suffering from. Nothing really life-threatening, just the usual migraines, muscle pains, dizziness, PMS and a nasty hangover. In all the aforementioned cases, the relief was practically instantaneous and effected with but a few moments of deep concentration and a clear request to the Shiva to facilitate the healing of the condition in the best way possible. I have yet to try the Shiva on more daunting health challenges, but I have no doubt that it'll do the trick just as well.

Two weeks ago, one of my teachers found himself neck-deep in a misunderstanding with his bosses, two high-ranking generals in our police force here in the Philippines. My teacher was helping out a fellow employee who was the driver of one of the generals. It seems a pedestrian was run over while he was driving one of the general's many mistresses around. Turns out that the pedestrian was at fault for not crossing at the assigned pedestrian lane, but the general threw the driver in the slammer anyway because the incident attracted some unwanted attention to his indiscretion. Anyway, my teacher being the sort of fellow who looks for a win-win situation for everyone concerned, he tried his best to get the driver exonerated of all charges, which pricked the ego of his boss big-time. What's worse, this general got one of his subordinates, another general known for throwing his weight around, to put the squeeze on my teacher to stop helping out the driver. It got to the point where my teacher was almost certain to lose his job as an intelligence officer with the force if he persisted in helping out the poor fellow. I got to know about my teacher's predicament at this particular stage.

I immediately took the Shiva in hand, got into a relaxed vibe and made the request for a resolution of the situation in the best way possible for all parties concerned. The whole process took five minutes at the most, not much time is needed if one is able to maintain a deep state of concentration and has a clear idea of the desired outcome. I didn't see the need to go into any specifics as to how the objective should be achieved because I trusted the Shiva's innate intelligence and consciousness would figure out the details better than I ever could.

I got feedback the next day from my teacher, and it was all good. Not only did the generals let the driver go, they apologized to my teacher for the misunderstanding, and even gave him a hefty raise. What impressed me the most what how the Shiva was able to get two power-tripping police generals to rein in their inflated egos and admit their mistake. Totally awesome!

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08.04.2003 - The Shiva Adventure continues  

Remember the community of healers I mentioned in my previous testimonial? Well, over the past few weeks, a foreign psychic and businessman who was an old client of the healers made an attempt to take control of the community for his own selfish interests by tempting the healers with huge amounts of money. He also made an offer of marriage to my friend, who is one of the most powerful healers in the group. But the healers were able to read his heart and see that he planned to manipulate the healers' into abandoning their mission to help cure the sick and work their magick exclusively to make him richer. When his offers and advances were rejected, he then demanded that all the financial help that he extended to the group previously with no conditions whatsoever be returned to him within a few days, or else, they would be beholden to him. In the Philippines, we take indebtedness very seriously, and the foreigner ruthlessly took advantage of this in an attempt to hijack the whole group.

Being the only regular benefactor of the community, I had to bail them out of the situation and repaid their debt to the foreigner. Of course, this infuriated the foreigner even more and we got the vibe that he was going to gather his own group of psychics and exact revenge on the healers. This pissed off the healers big time, and you don't want to go there with them. While they are known and loved all over the Philippines for their charitable works, they are feared even more for the death and destruction they unleash on their enemies. One of their favorite ways of dispatching foes is called "barang", which calls for the insides of the victim to be mysteriously filled with all sorts of flesh-eating insects and worms right up to their orifices. Anyway, they were planning a similar fate for the foreigner and his minions. Being sympathetic to their situation, I told them that they should do what their heart tells them to do, and in this case, it surely involved a horrible end for the foreigner. At first, I didn't mind sending the guy off to meet his maker, but after thinking about it for a while, I felt that it wasn't necessary to take his life to stop him. I acted on this impulse, took the Shiva in hand, and asked it to protect my healer friends, as well as do what is necessary to stop the foreigner and his minions from harming them and anyone else ever again, leaving it up to the Shiva to determine what course of action was appropriate for the situation.

Confirmation came the next day in the form of news that the foreigner suddenly collapsed, almost completely drained of energy. He did recover after a few days, but remains in a daze even up to this day, as if his mind was partially turned off. This puzzled the healers greatly, because their intention was to remove him permanently from this world. They took a look at what happened and discovered an energy field that they traced back to me was what prevented the foreigner from becoming kimchi. When they evaluated the situation, they came to the conclusion that the foreigner had been dealt with in the appropriate manner and will never again pose any threat to anyone.

The other experience I had with the Shiva's extraordinary abilities had to do with the coup attempt more than a week ago. The healers picked up that the rebel soldiers holed up in the country's financial district were intending to explode bombs they had planted in several buildings. I requested the Shiva to resolve the situation in the best way possible, if possible, without any bloodshed. I formed the mental image of the Shiva bathing the whole area with electric blue orgone energy. Come evening, everyone was surprised when the rebels surrendered without a shot being fired. I'm sure other forces were working towards a peaceful resolution of the situation, but I feel that the Shiva somehow gave the process a healthy push in the right direction.

And the adventure continues.

06.27.2004 - More observations of Mark's Doohickeys

I was able to corner one of my most energy-sensitive friends recently and get him to take a closer look at the various doohickeys I've purchased from Mark Hooten. This friend of mine (let's call him N) was born with clairvoyant abilities. His mother, a clairvoyant herself, recognized his gift while he was still young and nurtured it as he grew up. In his early twenties, he came under the influence of two teachers who developed his psychic abilities even further through meditation, martial arts and by serving as role models by just being decent and compassionate human beings. N is in his late twenties now and, in my opinion, is one of the best clairvoyants here in the Philippines. If there is anybody that could give me a clear picture of the energy dynamics involved in the use of Mark's doohickeys, it's him.

I started the ball rolling by handing him the Shiva. The first impression he had as he took the Shiva in his hand was that the creator of the device knew very well what he was doing. He said that there is an intelligent design present in the Shiva and that it has within itself representations of the Earth and Man, as well as the dynamic that exists between the two. The metal/resin base corresponds to earth, where the creative impulse/energy is drawn from. The different layers of metal imbedded in the resin served as a filtering device, impeding the flow of negative energy while allowing good energy to continue upward. The coils of various shapes and sizes present within the metal/resin base serve as portals, bringing in energies from different dimensions. The pipes and crystals correspond to Man and the various Selves that comprise his being. He observed the energy around the six brass pipes surrounding the central pipe as having distinct colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, with the colors blending into one another in the space between each pipe. He said that each pipe produced a distinct quality of energy that corresponded with the major chakras of Man. The thin layers of crystals appearing along the length of the pipes served a screening function, sorting out the energies traveling up the pipes and redistributing them more efficiently among the six pipes according to their frequencies, resulting in the energy output at the ends of the pipes being very focused within particular frequency ranges. At this point, it came to me that the coils within the six brass pipes are shaped in such a way so as to mimic the energy flow within each major chakra. The energies coming out of the six brass pipes feed into the big terminated crystal mounted on the top of the central pipe, with the help of the huge hourglass coil surrounding the crystal.

I asked N to observe the Shiva as I gave it a request. He said that at the mere mention of my plan to him, the Shiva started generating an enormous amount of energy and started to glow, perhaps in anticipation of the request I was about to make of it. This indicated the presence of an intelligence of some sort within the Shiva. As I silently made the request, N observed that the central crystal and my mind seemed to merge into a single entity. Since my request was to have Shiva send N a blast of good energy, I asked him to observe the effects on himself as well. He commented that the sensation was like walking through a viscous fluid, unusual but not really uncomfortable. When I silently asked Shiva to make the energy blast more gentle, he said that the unusual sensation subsided. From this, we concluded that the Shiva's energy output can be fine-tuned by making the requests more specific.

N stated that although Mark's different doohickeys are designed to be stand-alone devices, each one with it's own distinct purpose, they're also meant to be components of larger devices designed to accomplish more complex tasks. He intuited that Mark will be creating more of these components in the years to come and that all of these will be mixed and matched with each other for specific purposes. N even hinted that he sees Mark eventually coming up with a configuration that will harness free energy and deliver it in a usable form for the power needs of a home.

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